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Brendin Du Plessis

UX Designer | Product Designer | Visual Designer
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More About Me

As a passionate and motivated individual, will the need to do great work, applying for a UX/UI Designer position makes me very excited. In November 2012, I completed my 2 year Multimedia & Web Develop- ment certificate at CTU Training Solutions.

Focusing on both Graphic Design and Web Development, landing a position as a UX designer was inevitable. During the last 3 months of my studies, I started working as a graphic designer at a small company based in Potchefstroom. As the company struggled to survive, I made a bold move and moved to a development house where I completed a software development internship and joined their team building software. As time progressed, my creativity, appreciation for great aesthetic and a vision of what products could be, started taking over and I began focusing mainly on UI design and front end development. The latter part of my experience were shifted mainly to UX as I wanted to explore the research and analysis phases, which I could not do at that company.

I have an enormous appreciation for great products and I would love to be part of a team that has a “No Compromise” attitude. A team that always tries their best to meet the needs of a user. I have a great eye for detail and I do not like... rephrase... I hate settling for anything but the best. I believe that I am at my best when I am working for a company with clear goals and a great vision. There’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing what to do or not knowing where I am going. I am a great team player and I love collaboration as I believe that the best stuff can be produced in a team.


SaaS, a concept foreign to some, but for me, it's home sweet home. This is how I roll. My ideal position is to dedicate all my efforts and skills into crafting a great and effortless product. My appreciation for great craftsmanship motivates me to push for perfection.

Experience Designing

Product design meets UX Design: proficient process architecture meets the art of visual design. My career defining skill - not relying on great process but constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to Visual Design. I love to inspire by design.


One of the most essential of my skills will be front-end development. As UX Designer we constantly hear what's possible and what not. With my front-end development knowledge I can challenge your comfort zone.


From fast-paced scrum driven software agency focused on education and precision farming, to a KanBan driven in-house SaaS product for the travel industry. I'm Pretty much used to most environments.

My Process

My process, like most UX Designers' processess, is unique. As a UX Designer I quickly realized that there's no Plug & Play process. Every UX process should be tailor-made that suits your company's needs and there are obviously a lot of things to take into consideration with two of the main things being resources and budget. I've experimented with quite a few process but I've established a process that works for me and also helps in solving the challenges in my company. My process can be called a Frankenstein as it's a creature built from several industry leaading processes

Sub-diagrams that I apply in corresponding phases

Case Studies

Some of the latest features and concepts that I worked on

Availability Checker

Availability Checker

Focused on getting more traction from public users, we started the journey of building a public availability checker. This is my process when asked to come up with the goods.

Coming Soon

UX Challenge: Find My Pet

30-Day UX Challenge in collaboration with Web Strategist. We are planning a 30-day UX challenge to conceptualize a solution for pet owners in their time of need.

Coming Soon

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