Vacation Planning Process

Research & Definition Phase

Userforge Lucid Chart Hotjar

  • Business requirements,
  • User needs,
  • UX strategy,
  • Metrics & tracking,
  • UX Wall

Business Requirements
User Needs
UX Strategy

Metrics & Tracking

UX Wall

Design Phase

Sketch Zeplin Jira Balsamiq InVision

  • Strategy - user needs & business requirements,
  • Scope - needed functionality
  • Structure - information architecture,
  • Skeleton - wireframes,
  • Surface - prototype
Wireframes & Initial Variations

Prototyping Final Concept

Assets & Handover

At this point, I make sure that all the Sketch files are exported to Zeplin, ready for the developers to tackle. It is at this point that I continue collaborating with the developers, should there be anything unclear.

Functional Spec

Test Phase

Parallels Toolbox Hotjar
Creating The Test Plan

Test Results

Takeaways & Next Iteration Improvements